Go Rural For the Kids

Is there anything more sweet that seeing a child experience something for the first time?

There's lots to do in agritourism for children and most of it needn't be expensive for kids to go rural.  There are dedicated on farm adventure playgrounds, play parks, kids clubs and play barns for children and they can participate in all the best farm activities such as fruit picking, feeding the animals, tucking into fresh ice cream or just enjoying a picnic in the freedom of the great outdoors. 

The looks of wonder, the smiles of delight and the gasps of amazement are not hard to find when kids go rural.  Many farm stays are child friendly, not to mention farm tours and experiences - alpaca walks, anyone? Kids just love getting stuck and you know when they come home with muddy knees, rosy cheeks and brand new memories, they've had a good day and they'll want to do it again. When your child goes rural, it's an introduction to the great outdoors and the beginning of a relationship that will last a lifetime. 

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