Portnellan Farm, Loch Lomond


The Scott-Parks produce high-quality organic beef at Portnellan, a small family farm tucked away on the south-eastern shore of Loch Lomond.

A hybrid herd of native Aberdeen Angus and Shorthorn cattle, combines both breeds’ ability to produce well-flavoured, highly marbled meat with the Angus’ suitability for grassland. Calves are born into a life of grass, grazing the Portnellan pasture which is rich in flora and fauna throughout the summer, moving indoors to feast on Portnellan produced silage during the winter months.

The organic beef at Portnellan is from cattle which is allowed to grow slowly and reared for longer than most beef herds. The beef is hung for 21 days as a minimum allowing a rich flavour and colour to develop.

You can enjoy Scotch Beef supplied by the Scott-Parks when you visit Portnellan Farm. Visit for a day and enjoy a range of water sports including paddle boarding, kayaking, or a tour of Loch Lomond on a speedboat with farmer Chris as your guide. Back on dry land, you can take a farm tour and round off farm activities with a BBQ and a taste of the delicious Portnellan organic steaks or burgers - don't forget to buy some to take home when you leave! 

You can also stay overnight at Portnellan Farm, with a choice of self-catering cottage or glamping tent accommodation.  


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