There is no doubt that the production of eggs in Scotland is considerable.

In addition to their larger-scale operations, many farms keep smaller-scale, free-range flocks. Fresh eggs are sold from the farm-gate across much of Scotland, guaranteed to give you the perfect rise on a home-made sponge or delicious alongside a rasher of rolled Ayrshire bacon and slice of Stornoway black pudding.


Old Leckie is a 300-acre mixed family farm with spectacular views just 15 minutes’ drive from Stirling. The Youngers look after 1100 free-range hens, 400 sheep, more than 60 cattle and some Tamworth X and Gloucester Old Spot pigs.

They sell a wide range of their own produce from the farm including eggs, pork, beef, lamb, salad and potatoes.

Guests can stay in the old Coachman’s quarters, an 18th-centry A-listed steading providing self-catered accommodation for six people.

The Youngers relish running farm tours for day visitors and holiday guests and can tailor expeditions round the farm for small groups as well as large coach tours. You can even try your hand at collecting and packing the eggs!

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