Did you know there are more dairy cows in Scotland than there are people living in Dundee? Milk production is a hugely important part of Scotland’s farm sector. As well as fresh milk, our dairy herds are a foundation for a highly-innovative businesses producing cream, butter, yoghurt, ice cream and cheese.

Milk is produced on farms across Scotland, but the majority of dairy herds are in the south-west of the country where the warm wet climate yields the lush green grass on which dairy cattle do so well.


Errington Cheese began in the early 1980s when Humphrey Errington revised the ancient art of sheep-milking in the Upper Clyde area. Walston Braehead Farm lies at the foot of the Pentland Hills in South Lanarkshire where the family now keep around 300 dairy Lacaune ewes and 100 goats.

The company now produces ten  - multi-award-winning - cheeses using goat and sheep’s milk, as well as some cow’s milk cheeses made when sheep milk production falls away in the winter time.

The cheeses are sold online, at farmers’ markets, artisan shops and farmshops UK-wide. Errington cheese is also supplied to many restaurants and cafés. Visitors are welcome to tour the farm. 

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