Scotland is Stunning

With everything from dramatic mountain peaks and ancient woodland to world-class beaches, green fields and iconic rivers like The Tay, The Tweed and The Spey - it’s no wonder that the breath-taking landscape is the number one reason people choose to holiday here in Scotland.

And with over 80% of the country’s land used for agriculture, Scotland’s farmers are the real custodians of this natural treasury.

From the lush pasture of the southwest, home to Scotland’s biggest dairy herds; to the legendary peaks of The Highlands, where sheep graze at all levels; the country is home to a living and productive landscape.

This combined with the unique climate - and the care taken by generations of farmers - really make the country a land of food and drink.


Scotland, A Land of Food & Drink

And there’s plenty to celebrate -

  • Scotch Beef PGI and Scotch Lamb PGI is sought out by top chefs across the world

  • Soft fruits from the berry fields of Tayside are a treat for cooks or those picking their own at family-friendly farms

  • There’s a wealth of vegetables and cereal crops grown particularly in the Lothians, Perthshire and Fife

  • Iconic foods like Ayrshire potatoes sit alongside award-winning cheeses on any menu, while the humble oats are made into hearty porridge or delicious oatcakes

  • Barley of the highest quality is made into Scotch whisky

Lots of opportunity to Go Rural

In a country with a population of five and a half million, there are six and a half million sheep, nearly two million cattle and over three quarters of a million deer. As humans we are outnumbered!

There are plenty of opportunities for visitors to Scotland to see this captivating countryside but those looking for the chance to truly experience it are now spoilt for choice.

With hundreds of farms welcoming visitors on tours, to stay in unique accommodation or to buy direct, there’s never been a better time to go rural, sleep rural, walk rural, eat rural in Scotland.