Summer Harvest Oils

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Ferneyfold Farm is located in Madderty, Perthshire, Scotland and has been run by our family for over 50 years. The farm is dedicated to producing food of the highest quality while undertaking various conservation projects which amongst other things attract wild life to the farm.

Summer Harvest Oils

At 'Summer Harvest' we pride ourselves producing our multi-award winning 'Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil' which we grow, press and bottle on our family farm in the heart of the fertile Strathearn Valley in Perthshire.
Our cold pressing techniques retain the natural goodness form the seed. With only 6% saturated fats, a high Omega 3 content, naturally occurring vitamin E and no trans fats, rapeseed oil clearly has nutritional benefits over other oils. With its fresh light taste it is ideal for dressing, marinades and salsas. While its high flash point(230oC) makes it the ideal oil for perfect roast potatoes, roast vegetables or stir frying.

Recommended by many chefs such as Mark Greenaway, Jacqueline O'Donnell and Neil Forbes, it is the perfect oil for any kitchen.

'Summer Harvest Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil' provides a versatile healthy oil which does not compromise on taste or quality.

What makes us special

We take great care in sowing our seed and using traditional rotational farming techniques we nurture the crop to produce 'cold pressed rapeseed oil' of the highest quality.
Our product range now includes;

Dressings / Marinades

Fruit Vinegars


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